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Be the first to try our new creations or favorite products! This subscription box will contain mostly handmade, embroidered and decorated items for equestrians and horse lovers alike. Each months box is different than the last, and we take great effort in tailoring the box to your likes and preferences, while still keeping you guessing what may be inside. 

Subscription boxes are shipped on the 1st of the month, USPS priority 2-3 day. 

a questionnaire will be emailed following purchase

1 month - $30

3 months - $25 per month

6 months - $22 per month

12 months - $20 per month

 There are many horse boxes on the market, why choose this one?

The Houndstooth Horse is a well known and established equestrian brand with unique and high quality items, not available to any other companies. We strive to be different and include not only useful products, but many items that you cannot yet purchase on the website. 



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