Small 1" Quilt Embroidered Saddle Pad - A/P - Pony

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**see color options at the bottom**

Custom embroidery on a high quality 1" square quilted saddle pad with piping made by PRI. Available in A/P, and Pony sizes. (for Dressage size, please see my other listing) Pads have billet and girth straps to keep it in place. These are high quality pads that are built to stand up to repeated use, and they will not shrink in the wash.


click here to add rhinestones to the opposite side of your pad.


Each pad is monogramed by myself, and I take great care in perfect placement and quick delivery.

When Placing order please include:
Pad Color
Thread Color
Monogram or lettering style
Letters for Monogram

Custom orders are always welcome, drop me a line.

>>>>>COLOR OPTIONS White: w/white, black, hunter, navy, burgundy, kelly, royal, purple, red, sea blue, teal, pink, lime, magenta, orange
Black: w/white, black, hunter, burgundy, mustard, purple, red, sea blue, teal, pink, lime, coast blue, gray, magenta, orange
Beige: w/black;
Blush: w/black, pink
Brown: w/black, burgundy, hunter, navy
Burgundy: w/black, burgundy, hunter, navy, gray
Cherry: w/black, purple, sea blue;
Chocolate: w/chocolate, navy, pink, smoke, gray, black;
Coast Blue: w/burgundy, gray, hunter, pink, navy, black
Cream: w/ black, navy
Gray: w/ burgundy, navy, pink, black
Hunter: w/black, burgundy, navy, tan, white, brown, yellow, purple, gray, hunter, mustard
Ivy: w/black, ivy, mustard, pink, burgundy
Kelly Green: w/black, white, gray;
Lavender: w/black,. pink
Lemon: w/black, lemon, navy
Lime: w/black, lime, pink
Magenta: w/black, sea blue
Mint: w/black, teal, pink
Mustard: w/black
Navy: w/navy, hunter, red, yellow, burgundy, white, purple, teal, pink, sea blue, smoke, gray, tan
Olive: w/black, hunter, burgundy, navy
Orange: w/black, orange
Peach: w/black, magenta
Pine: w/black, burgundy; gray, pink;
Pink: w/black, sea blue, purple, pink
Pumpkin: w/black, pumpkin;
Purple: w/black, gray, pink, teal, hunter;
Red: w/black, gray, white, navy;
Rose: w/black, gray, navy, pine;
Royal: w/black, gray, white, red;
Rust: w/black, burgundy;
Salmon: w/black, salmon;
Sea Blue: w/black, pink, sea blue, navy;
Sky Blue: w/black, sea blue, pink;
Smoke: w/burgundy, navy;
Teal: w/black, white, pink, purple;



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