KL Italia Leather WELLINGTON Uni-Crown Padded Fancy Stitched Hunter Bridle with Reins

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The KL Italia Wellington Bridle offers a distinguishable look with a shaped noseband – wider across the front of the nose and tapering in on the sides and will surely stand out in a crowd. The Wellington features a fancy stitched, padded cavesson noseband – measuring 1 1/2″ at its widest, narrowing on each side to 1 1/8″; a matching 3/4″ padded browband, 1/2″ cheek pieces, complete with 5/8″ fancy stitched Laced Reins. This bridle also features a soft padded, contoured uni-crown headstall. This system allows for the ultimate comfort for your horse’s poll. The KL Italia bridles are made of the best Italian leather. All hardware is stainless steel, with hook stud ends, and a roller buckle on the noseband.


Color: Brown



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