Hunter Jumper Outdoor/Car Vinyl Decal 5" wide - Glossy

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Show your love for your favorite discipline with these fun and long lasting vinyl decals. They come in so many colors, and any breed that has their own logo.

These feature a glossy finish and can be applied to basically anything, but are for OUTDOOR USE and considered permanent. This 5" size is perfect for car windows, tack trunks, and anything around the barn. Custom sizes available, please send me a message.

Each decal comes complete with transfer tape, for easy application.

To apply:

Peel off white sheet on the back of your decal, notice the decal is stuck too the transfer tape, with the red lines.
Be sure the area is clean and free from any dirt or oils.
Position your vinyl, and readjust carefully if needed.
Take a credit card and rub transfer tape until any bubbles are gone.
Slowly peel of transfer tape in a rolling motion.

If you need more help, there are dozens of helpful youtube videos available.



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