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Tired of paying tack store prices for mediocre designs?

I used to get my saddle pads embroidered at the local tack store, as I was there frequently to pick up the things I needed for my horse. I quickly realized that the cost was adding up, and with already spending $30-$50 on the saddle pad, $15-$30 for embroidery (on one side no less!) My tack store also charged $5 extra if I did not purchase the pad from them, even if it was one I made completely myself. My saddle pads and blankets became something I wanted to display, and not get dirty. What is the point of a great fitting and great looking pad if you don't want to use it? I came up with my own solution! I could purchase my own great quality saddle pad, do my own embroidery, and save half of my money and have fun doing it! The tack store choices for embroidery are quite simple, which sometimes classic is perfect, I mean cmon, who doesn't love navy and maroon? But what about a fun schooling pad that no one else has? Thats the idea I set out to pursue. 

I offer affordable customized and unique saddle pads, polo wraps and blanket/cooler embroidery designs to reflect your personal style. Monograms, Breed logos, Barn logos, Sponsorship logos, the possibilities are endless. With over 1000 font choices, and hundreds of colors, all you need is your imagination (or mine) to create something truly custom.

I use high quality, brand name saddle pads that will stand up to repeated use and washing. Each embroidery is personally done by me, using a commercial size machine, on a small scale so you know the proper time and care has been taken. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, let me know and I can design something to suit your specific needs.
New designs are added all the time! to keep up to date and take a peek behind the scenes be sure to follow and like us!
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